By fundraising, we lower the cost of ice rental. Each year we organize activities to raise funds.

Due to Covid our usual fundraisers have been cancelled. Our only MANDATORY activity this year is a bottle drive. (Covid health policies will be adhered to) You will be contacted via email with detailed instructions.

1. The Bottle Drive being held Sunday January 5th 9:30 am-11:30am at Morning Fresh Eggs 4400 Blenkinsop Road. Start saving your empty bottles now. You can also drop your bottles off any time at the Bottle Depot at 4261 Glanford Ave, 3961 Quadra St or 655 Queens Ave, state it is for the Saanich Skating Club of Victoria & save your receipts. Ask for your bottle drive collection bag if you have not received one.

2. Thrifty’s Smile Card 🙂 There is no cost to you
This year loading up and using your smile card to support the club is more important than ever! You should have received a card when you registered, or you an also continue to load and use your card from last year.  If you need a card or want extras to distribute to family members or coworkers to help, please let us know and we will get one to your skater to bring home to you.
Thrifty Foods will donate an amount equal to 5% of the amount you load on your Smile Card to the Saanich Skating Club of Victoria.

Instructions : Take the Smile Card with you to Thrifty Foods when you go grocery shopping. Ask the cashier to load any amount you wish onto the card before having your grocery order rung through. Pay for the card load with cash, debit card or credit card. Ring the grocery order through and pay for the order with your Smile Card. When the card balance is running low, load it again to continue to support our club every time you shop! It’s that simple!