Skaters must have their own equipment in order to participate in our programs, as the Rental Shop is not open during our ice times. Proper ankle support and blade alignment is essential for acquiring good skating skills. Good used top brand name skates are often much better than new department store brand skates. Ask an executive member or one of the coaches for advise before purchasing new skates.

Skates must fit like a shoe and have good support around the ankle, yet not be too tight as to restrict blood flow to the feet. DO NOT BUY SKATES WITH TOO MUCH GROWING ROOM – This causes wobbly ankles, tripping , and breaks down boot support. If toes touch the end of an unlaced skate, you should have only a finger width of room down the back of the heel.

CSA Helmets are required for the Can Skate Program and Gloves are required for all skaters.

Correct skate sharpening is essential for enhancing performance. Please speak to one of our professional coaches or an executive member for recommendations. Wear skate guards when walking to and from the ice surface. Take off the guards at the ice surface. Do not store skates in guards as the blades will rust! ! ! Instead, wipe them with a clean, dry cloth, replacing the guards when the blades are dry.