You will pay an operational fee that supports fundraising, and each year we organize activities to raise funds. Our major fundraising events are the March 17th Recital/Ice Show and Mandatory participation in: 1. Selling 2 tickets per skater to the Hillside Night of Lights Event 2. Participate in the January 7/2018 bottle drive.  Start saving your empty bottles now. You can drop your bottles off any time at the Bottle Depot  at 4261 Glanford Ave, 3961 Quadra St or 655 Queens Ave, state it is for the Saanich Skating Club of Victoria. Keep your receipts. We also offer Coupon Books you can sell.


On Saturday March 17, 2018 all of the skaters take part in the Saanich Skating Club of Victoria Skating Recital. This event is always the highlight of the skating season.

  1. The skaters learn routines, wear costumes and get to show off their skating skills for a large audience.
  2. We sell tickets to the show, sell flowers so that relatives & friends can present them to their performers.
  3. We operate the concession stand for the day so all profits belong to the Club.

There is a recital fee which is used to cover the cost of extra coaching time, extra ice rental & various other expenses that come with putting on a performance.

Costumes are not included in the recital fee but we always try to keep your cost to a minimum.

The recital always requires a lot of volunteers. We arrange the scheduling so that volunteers do not miss their child’s performance.